Tuesday, 1 December 2009


In an email this morning:

"Recently one bike was stolen and another nearly stolen from the racks outside the (building). Both incidents took place in the late afternoon. Please report any dodgy behaviour around the racks and if you lock up your bike here we would encourage you to do it very well! D-locks are best and lock up the wheels too if you can. (The bike that was stolen was locked up with a fairly decent cable lock.) Lots of bikes have been stolen around the University too recently, so watch out."

I hope my previous post had nothing to do with this. BACK, THIEVES! BACK, I TELL YOU! Our bikes are worth nothing, but are much loved. 

Incidentally I hope the person who "nearly stole" the second bike was chased off by a mob of angry students, wielding stabby paintbrushes or perhaps sharp rolls of paper. And that, erm, taking innocent pictures of other people's bikes does not constitute "dodgy behaviour".

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