Saturday, 10 October 2009

Cramond ponies

When I moved to Scotland 10 years ago, I was dismayed, nay appalled, to discover a complete lack of Shetland ponies in the capital. Where were the pet apartment ponies I'd been promised? The pony postal services? The seeing-eye ponies? I'd built elaborate fantasies where I would go to the corner shop on my pony, my feet dragging slowly on the ground below us, a happy expression plastered on my face. I began to believe that Shetland ponies were imaginary, the pathetic fabulation of a Scottish Tourist Board desperate for attention. Imagine! Miniature ponies! With tiny little legs! And big fat furry bellies! The tourists will believe anything. Ahahahhaha.

Thankfully, Shetland ponies are a mere bicycle ride away now that I have a trusty steed of my own. Just follow the cycle paths in Northern Edinburgh to Cramond Brig. Edinburgh Council have a set of very useful downloadable cycling maps if you don't know what I'm talking about, or indeed if, like me, you're likely to get confused by the many obscure junctions along the way.

The ponies are right near the old bridge (a picturesque affair on its own), in a neat little field. Look, there's one:

They're a rather friendly bunch:

If a little inscrutable:

Ponies. Who knows what goes on in their furry, shaggy brains.

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